Partnership Leaders Panel

Leveraging Business Development to Team with Heavyweights and Grow in Any Economy

Everyone knows that tough times are coming up, the social media narrative is that partnerships team will be heavily utilized but most of the revenue world will focus on channel or alliances. The place where you find 10x growth in partnerships is business development, its strategic tiers that change the trajectory of companies. Join this session as Asher Mathew, Shawn Li, Franz-Josef Schrepf and Shiva Kumar Balakrishnan discuss this important topic that can be a force multiplier. They will discuss concepts and share how-to get these deals done. 
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Hosts & Panelists

Franz-Josef Schrepf-modified
Franz-Josef Schrepf
Head of Strategic Partnerships, Hopin
Asher Mathew-modified
Asher Mathew
Co-Founder/VP, GTM, Partnership Leaders/Demandbase
Shawn Li-modified-1
Shawn Li
Vice President of Partnerships, Flip
shiva kumar-modified
Shiva Kumar Balakrishnan
Head of Partnerships for Live Events, LinkedIn

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