Partnership Leaders

Open to Work Program Update

Since the founding of Partnership Leaders we've strived to support the careers of partnership professionals around the world. In late 2022, the technology industry experienced considerable layoffs and we started an initiative called Open to Work. This program provided professionals impacted by these layoffs free access to a single Slack channel focused on job listings within Partnership Leaders.

Throughout 2023 we've invested into additional benefits for members and the broader industry including building out a thriving publicly available job board with daily listings from top companies, programming focused on career advancement, and a new feature within Partnership Leaders called PL Candidates which provides education, resources, and additional visibility to help members get hired. These investments compliment what we believe is actually the highest impact benefit to help professionals land their ideal role, which is members connecting with each other to share experiences and make warm introductions within their network whenever possible.

We would welcome you to explore becoming a member in the Partnership Leaders community.

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