Advance Your Career As A Partnerships Professional

Unlike many other careers, there’s no clear-cut path to success in partnerships. We’re working to change that. Through interviews with experts in all different stages of their partnerships career, who have taken a variety of paths into the industry, we’ve compiled the Partnerships Career Progression Playbook.

This playbook explores:

  • The four key stages of a partnerships career
  • Responsibilities of each role
  • Necessary skills for progressing your career
  • Resources for advancing as a partnerships professional
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Land Your Next Partnerships Role

This is your master guide to careers in partnerships - whether you're looking to get started, advance, or grow your team.
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Inside the Playbook

Whether you're trying to jump into the industry, want to advance in your career, or are building out your team, this playbook is designed to help you reach your goals.
Group 46
Discover the Career Path
Explore the four key stages of a partnerships career path.
Group 47
Understand Responsibilities
Dig into the responsibilities and goals for each of the four roles.
Group 48
Learn How to Advance
Explore resources and advice for other successful partnerships professionals.
Group 49
Explore the Skills Needed
Discover the soft and hard skills needed for each role in a partnerships career.