Align Your Team Cross-functionally

OKRs are a powerful tool for enabling cross-functional alignment, providing transparency into department initiatives, and empowering your partner team.

We worked with industry expert, Ty Lingley, to create this ultimate OKR resource exploring:

  • Definitions for common terms
  • A breakdown of the difference between OKRs and KPIs
  • OKR best practices
  • Sample OKRs

This playbook was developed in partnership with, a Microsoft Company.'s OKR software makes it easier than ever to align your team, putting objectives at the center of everything.

Download the Playbook

Reach New Heights This Year

This is your master guide to implementing OKRs to enable alignment, transparency, and team engagement.
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Inside the Playbook

Whether you're implementing OKRs for the first time or are hoping to improve your planning for 2022, this playbook has all the information you need.
Define Basic Terminology
Understand basic OKR vocabulary you can use with your team.
Understand OKRs vs. KPIs
OKRs and KPIs are not the same. Understand the differences between each and when to use which.
Advance Your Organization
Explore sample OKRs for SaaS partnerships teams you can adapt for your organization.
Get Started with OKRs
Discover best practices for implementing OKRs at your organization effectively.